Thursday, October 8, 2009


Earrings are one of my favorite things to make. I call them the "instant gratification" of jewelry making because they are relatively quick and simple to make. I am becoming more and more impressed with all the fabulous components we are finding almost EVERY WEEK in our sleuthing for unique findings! Here are a few I have made in the past few months that I have added to my own collection:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Watch Pricing

Our beaded bands are priced as follows:

Beaded Band: $15.00
Watch Face: $12.00
Custom Ordered Beaded Band: $18.00
Beaded Band Repairs: $8.00

Choose from our current inventory (which we will be posting photos of soon) and the bands are just $15.00.

Choose any face depicted on the watch face page for just $12.00.

Choose a custom ordered face and you may choose the colors, style, and components that go into the band. You can be as fussy as you like. These are a bit more time intensive so that we get it just exactly as you'd like. These bands are $18.00. If you would like real stones such as turquoise or onyx, the prices will be a little higher to reflect the more expensive stones.

From time to time, customers bring us jewelry they have had for years, but through standard wear and tear they become broken and/or damaged. We offer repairs on these as well. I just did a repair on a watch band purchased through another great watch company. One of the stones had broken. We simply replaced the broken stone, restrung the band and voila! Good as new!

Feel free to ask any questions about pricing that have not been included here!

Watch Faces

We have had a few requests for details on the watch faces we offer. We are offering 5 different styles at this time, which come in a variety of color choices. If there is one you like, simply refer to it by STYLE name, and color choice as depicted in the photos.






Friday, October 2, 2009

Custom Order Bead Watches

I just completed a few beaded watch bands for a custom order. These bead watches are very popular right now. Part of the attraction is how versatile they are. You can convert them to any watch slider style face. If the face breaks, it is very easy to just simply replace the face. The bands can also be made with virtually any color and bead style combination, so the sky is the limit as far as creativity goes.
This pink band was made with pink mother of pearl nuggets, faceted acrylic beads, textured acrylic pearls, and silver plate beads.
This band is a 100 % silverplate band. These are great because they go with absolutely everything. I have made this in goldtone as well for those who wear gold jewelry and they have come out really cute as well.
This band is made with faux turquoise beads and various acrylic and wood brown beads, as well as silverplate beads, and silver plate slider ring beads. I really love the sliding ring beads because they slide up and down the slimmer sized beads and catch the light and are just a really fun detail.
This fun red band is made from red stone and wood beads, mixed with some unique silvertone beads. This one is a really colorful and chunky band.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to the new jewelry blog

I wanted to have a place to refer friends, family and customers so that they could see the latest fun jewelry projects we are working on. I have always loved jewelry of all types, but particularly the costume variety that I can take apart and wear my own way. I really enjoy creating a piece of jewelry that is convertible or can be worn more than one way. My dear friend Amber and I work together often on projects, so from time to time she will post what she is working on as well.